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Career: Backend developer

Interested in working on web platforms with millions of users?
We are looking for a backend developer to join our top team with an extensive track record of collaboration with hi-profile international clients.


  • Skill level: Senior
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Experience with AWS
  • Experience with DynamoDB/NoSQL
  • Experience with modern DevOps practices and tools
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Ability to work in an international team
  • Experience with skill-sharing and mentorship of younger colleagues


  • Full-time employment or other form of long-term contract
  • Workplace: Remote or from our offices in Maribor. We are flexible!

Motiviti is a software and game development studio headquartered in Maribor, Slovenia. Together with our trusted partners we form a supergroup that can take on any challenge coming from the coolest projects and products.

Our main tech stack: Node.js, AWS, DynamoDB, Terraform, Jenkins, Vue.js.

Also: Docker, Python, PHP, Unity, Java, Xcode, Android studio…

We follow the best development practices (code reviews, PR, CI, IaC, PaC, documentation etc.), use modern communication tools (Slack, Zoom, Google Workspace, Asana etc.) and provide an environment where all of us have a chance for personal and career growth.

Yes, we are excited about remote work but we also love our optional weekly get-togethers in our offices in Maribor. We are known for our Pizza-Friday and our foosball tournaments. If you’d rather work from the office – no problem. There’s a table for you.

We are a team of 10+ motivated individuals in search of new colleagues with the ambition to become a valuable “Motivitan” and add to our I-got-your-back and knowledge-sharing culture. We are an open team that values honesty, transparency, a personal sense of responsibility, friendliness and appreciates to have good fun.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, send your application with your CV and experience/Github profile to and we’ll get back to you soon!

Supercell Make

Make is the platform for all artistically talented fans of Supercell games. It allows the fan community to upload and showcase their own creations of character skins and game sceneries.

Invited by our friends at North Kingdom, we have been involved in the platform development since the concept phase. Motiviti’s focus on Make is backend development based on a microservice architecture.

Since the launch in 2019 fans have submitted a plethora of original artwork for Supercell’s super popular titles such as Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans. The creations go through a user voting phase and the best of them are featured on Make’s front page where they compete for a chance to make it into the game itself.

Make has gained tremendous popularity in the fan community since the release and it is with much enthusiasm that we look at the exciting times to come! 

Get Truckin’ and Sprout Playground

Terrific Trucks is a new television show for preschoolers on NBC Sprout. We were invited by ustwo New York to collaborate on an exciting new exploratory game for iOS and Android.

Teriffic Trucks game


Motiviti’s part was to collaborate with ustwo on game design, help with 3D modeling and animations and build the entire game in Unity. The game was released as part of the Sprout Playground app.

Teriffic Trucks game

Our main goal with the game mechanics and game-play was intuitiveness.  When kids start playing they should know right away what to do. But having talking trucks and excavators in a game just calls for some quirkiness as well. So what one can do in the game besides driving around and digging is also some silly stuff that vehicles and machines usually don’t do like chasing chicken, running over water hydrants and playing ball. This all proved to be great fun for the kids.

Teriffic Trucks game

To make sure we get the right balance between all elements of the game ustwo set up focus groups with kids and their parents for user testing. This gave us important insight into what kids want and how they interact with the game.

Terrific Trucks Dug


Despite the game being aimed at pre-school kids, to our excitement it was well received even by younger elementary school children. The exploration, the sandbox and playground feeling without time pressure proved to be the right combination to bring a spark to their eyes.

Slovenian Games Conference 2015

We will be giving a talk about adventure game development at SGC 2015.


SGC organizers expect around 300 international attendants from the region.

When: Saturday, 26 September 2015

Where: FRI Ljubljana

Tickets: Free, but register on Eventbrite (seating is limited)

Official website:

We will also have an iPad or two around showing a demo of Elroy and the Aliens.

Hope to see you there! 😉

Adidas Archive

For this exciting project we have been invited by the awesome North Kingdom to collaborate on a unique interactive experience with the goal of bringing to life the rich historical legacy of Adidas.

Through the past years, History Management – the Adidas department responsible for brand heritage, assembled a huge collection of items that chronicles the history of sport. Many of them have once belonged to legends like Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali, Franz Beckenbauer, Zinedine Zidane, Heile Gebrselassie and numerous others.


In order to bring this archive to life in form of an immersive online museum, our job was to provide a sturdy backend, a unique and user friendly CMS, advanced search and a flexible server architecture.

The Adidas Archive was named FWA site of the day in July 2013:

To have a glimpse at the Adidas Archive go here or have a look at the cool case film by North Kingdom:

Family Treehouse

In spring, we were asked to develop a Facebook game prototype to help promote’s new site Mundia.

Like, Mundia is a site where you can build your family tree and research your family history. Our challenge was to come up with a game design that would be fun and engaging and at the same time incorporate the family tree metaphor.

Family Tree House 1

Our client was looking for a Farmville-style mechanic with virtual goods, so we built a game where you can tend to your crops in the garden and decorate while growing your family tree by adding family members.

When the family tree reaches a certain level, you build a tree house. At this point, most of the gameplay moves into the tree house – using your family members and energy points, you play games and cook dishes, which gives you experience and energy points.

Using the energy points, you can look under mushrooms growing outside in the garden. Mushrooms usually hide cash, fruit or items that you can use to complete collections.

Family Tree House 2

We had to complete the working prototype in two months, which included designing the gameplay, building the engine, the backend, producing the art (with all the decoration items and character customization, we ended up with a LOT of assets), sound effects, music and testing and balancing it before launch.

In the end, we had a pretty successful launch and crunched a lot of numbers to tweak the final design. Some players reached impressive levels and we saw a lot of nice decorated tree houses.

Family Tree House 3
Family Tree House 4

LG Times Square Billboard

The Good News Billboard – a very exciting project for LG in New York (with North Kingdom and Y&R).

Instead of doing what everyone else is doing in Times Square (rolling video), LG decided to use their huge 84 feet high LED billboard to host a dynamic and interactive character named Gil.

His role is to spread good news in Times Square in the form of tweets, SMS messages, RSS and later other media. People in Times Square are able to interact by sending SMS messages or Tweets to the board.

In order to ensure that all content falls under the category of good news, a moderation company was hired to moderate every message entering the system.

To make this possible, we built a special content management system. As it was tailor-made for this specific purpose, the moderators were quite excited about its ease of use.

Our team worked mostly in Slovenia, and we spent the last three weeks before launch in New York finalizing the details.

It was by no means an easy ride, but in the end, we are happy with the results, and we managed to pull off an amazing launch!

It was great being part of such a fantastic project!

Hypo TV Ads

In collaboration with Zadrga Communications Agency we made some fun short TV ads for their client Hypo Alpe Adria Bank.

Motiviti’s part of the project was to create illustrations and animations with hippos, the client’s established mascot, inspired by the Slovenian national football team and the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Check out the spots below!

Illustrations and Animation: Motiviti

Agency: Zadrga

Client: Hypo Alpe Adria Bank